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a private retreat, why?

The reasons why a private retreat may be necessary for you are manifold like yourself.
It could be to get out of stress/blocking situations or to protect yourself from a burn-out.
It could be the feeling of helplessness, he/she may feel discontentment and rigidity in their lives. It could be the experience of depressive moods and anger.
Some persons may just want to know more and get new influences and make new experiences.
And some may only seek the calmness and relaxation to maintain good health and wellbeing.
For all those reasons a private retreat would be beneficial.

the benefits

• Experience the flow of energy in your body
• Be aware of your body and your internal power
• Activate your ‘self-healing-power’ which could lead to more consciousness
• Being removed from stressful situations gives you the option to look at your life from a different angle
• Get a clear view of your lifestyle and recognize changes to benefit your health
• Create new patterns
• Sharpen your senses against negative influences. And be able to avoid those
• Accept yourself and love yourself

back 2 balance - the private retreats

Surrounded by the splendid mediterranean nature of Gozo I offer you the opportunity to get your private “ back2balance ” retreat

This retreat is tailored to your needs for deep relaxation and healing and will take you away from your daily routine and give you peace and tranquillity.
You are invited to release your burdens and transform them to lighten up your spirit. You will be able to ease back into balance for wellbeing and good health.

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There are lots of possibilities here on Gozo where you can stay and it all depends on your gusto.
If you like to stay in a central area where you have the opportunity to explore the island or if you prefer a more quit and calm space for you, everything is possible. From Farmhouses over hotels with full service to the heart warming hospitality of a Bed & Breakfast. I will help you to find the right base for you. Even you like to take your beloved ones with you there will be a solution. Find following some helpful links and if you have any questions please let me know. - A nice hotel in Gozo's capital City Victoria with a superior service - Lovely hosts and a really lovely place with a great sense for hospitality will make you feel welcome - a local company with farmhouses and apartments that provide a quality service. Here you are right if you looking for accommodation for more than one person. - and another B & B with a heartfelt service

As I mentioned before there is plenty more and all is up to you to choose.
I will be there to help you just get in touch with me and we find a solution that suits you.

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what to expect

Since a private retreat will always be tailored on to your needs there is no fixed plan. Everything will be settled like you choose it and we can always respond to your current situation.

Here I give you an example for a quite intensive 10 day private retreat and what it could entail.

Day 1 - arrival and information
Day 2 - 1st back2balance Session
Day 3 - Yin Yoga Session
Day 4 - 2nd back2balance Session
Day 5 - Family Constellation with Gisela Juergens
Day 6 - 3rd back2balance Session
Day 7 - Yin Yoga Session
Day 8 - 4th back2balance Session
Day 9 - shared lunch and talk
Day 10 - departure

Yes you are right thats really intensive but its only to give you an idea what is possible.
Its easy to brake everything down to just 2 sessions, 2 Clearings and 2 Yin Yoga sessions without a Family Constellation session.
It all depends on your needs and we discuss that over email or better during a Skype meeting.

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how to get to Gozo

Thats a quit simple task …

Just book a flight to Malta International Airport once u arrive you have to make your way to the Czirkewwa Ferry Terminal in Mellieha and make the 25 minutes long ferry ride to Gozo.
Tadaa and you are there.

To get from the airport to the ferry its possible by bus with the route X1 if you don't decide to hire a car directly from the airport.
We also can arrange a shuttle service or I come to pick you up wich could be necessary at some arrival times.

About Gisela

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Gisela enriches Revive Remedy with her world open, heartfelt and obliging being. She provide the constellation work for the retreats .

Read more about her work …

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