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I am Gisela Jurgens…

… and I started my own journey as a Paediatric Nurse, where I was young as 21 had the responsibility in night-shifts for 25<30 babies, they all had been born premature. 5mg of food every 2 hour had to be as precise, as the life of the child was depending on it. So precision was learned and preformed to the T.

Since 1974 I, myself started with alternative healing methods as the med people gave me only surgery as an answer to my own health-issues. Here I only talk about a few of the many methods I studied.
I moved away from the nursing and as a Kindergarten-teacher I understood that there is more to life than precision. Play, fun and some joy was added.
Learning REIKI, especially the level of distance healing brought an understanding of the energy-body and physical-body together and me personally to a different level. I feel the energy of a tree, an animal and a human and learned to understand the subtle differences and how to bring it into more balance. All is Vibration, Light, Love only the intensity is different.
In 1990 I became teacher for Natural Vision Improvement and since I have licence to work with all age groups from 0 to over 100. In 1991 I created my own Healing Centre in the West of Ireland. The level of healing Eye- sight, Vision and In-sight taught me how to SEE and that the actual vision happens in the brain, the eyes only make the ‘picture’ – the brain works it out what we see and sends the information to the body.
The connection of it all got clearer every time as I had also learned about Reflexology, the energy-flow in the Meridian-system & acupuncture points, Chinese medicine) and Kinesiology. Kinesiology works with the muscle test and as the body ‘never lies’ it is possible to find with this method where energy is blocked and what this person needs to free the energy-flow again.
Later I started with Family-Constellation (by Bert Hellinger). I understood about morphogenetic fields (Sheldrake). In a constellation you actually bring to the consciousness what is going on in your subconscious level. Example: when you as a private person and you as a business person are not going the same direction, one part of your life is in need of more harmony – together we can shift the energy to become more or even completely into balance for you.
The Light Language I learned from Jerry Pedgen (USA - Moscow) in a way this completed my urge of learning more and more. With LL I work with shapes and colours on all energy levels and for me it makes totally sense and increases the fun and lightness of shifting ‘heavy energies’ and changing darkness into light and healing.

"All of our physical illnesses are results of emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance, they cause blockages in the meridians (energy channels) or blood vessels which lead to stagnation or deficiency of Qi (life-energy) or Blood, and manifest into physical symptoms, such as headache, insomnia, digestive problems, pain….
The holistic approach is to treat the cause of the problem that is to tackle the deeper and more complicated issues of the clients. Only when those knots are untied, their physical symptoms will be subsided permanently."
Says Dr Sean Sing-fung Yuen

I had most wonderful teachers on my journey and I experienced all of this on/in my body first before I used it on my students. I teach, I support even over distances, and we can keep in contact via E-mail, Tel or Skype. I call my ‘clients’ students; as I do my best to teach them – help them to get an understanding of their energy on all four levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You learn to notice the subtle changes in the mind, the feelings and awareness of the SELF, following the wisdom of your body. YOU are the MASTER of your mind and life; enjoy it in optimal health and wellbeing. With gratitude,
Gisela Jurgens, Gozo Tel: 00356-77 986 328 lightlanguagehealing(ed)

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Gerhard Reinhardt 2017