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Welcome, i am Gerhard owner of reviveremedy.

When I was 16, i had my first lumbar disk prolapse, I had felt the pain for years until I had my first massage experience. With massage treatments all the pain was gone and I have been pain free since then. After the treatments I became fascinated by the concept of the body, in its perfection, and what various types of massage and deep Bodywork can do for the health of body and mind. In 2004 I started learning several massage and relaxation techniques to help other people. In 2006 I become a Certified Rebalancer and over the following years I learnt several other massage styles. In my work I realize that every different massage style is a tool in my toolbox and every individual person has their individual needs, something that I respect in my work.

But that was not the end... there was so much more we can do to improve our health for a better life. 8 years after my first massage certification and having gained plenty of experience at spa's and in my own practice back in Germany, I realized that I was burnt out and running on a really low battery. So i came to the point of realization that I needed to make a change – and now, i am here on the beautiful island of Gozo, where I can deliver the best modern therapy styles in a relaxing and idyllic environment.

In my sessions I use different massage and relaxation techniques to help you to improve your health and well-being.
We can find the core of problems and develop a therapy that is tailored to your individual needs.

A brief outline:

2004 it starts with a couple of relaxation and breathing exercises - 2005 I get in to Reiki - 2006/2007 I make the whole training at Body Festival Berlin and by the end I am a Certified Rebalancer® - 2008 itakes me to the Romi Kahuna Bodywork - 2009 I become a Hamam Assistant - 2010 I did Thai Yoga Massage Training - 2011 I learn to work with Access to Innate® Clearing I 2016 - NLP Practitioner at Kikidan Berlin I 2017 - Yin Yoga Teacher Training by Wolfgang Riedl Berlin

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