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in my understanding a remedy is all that what brings us in contact with our self and our inner wisdom.
Things that giving us understanding and acceptance for us as a being and our way of life.
I offer the things wich I experienced and learned on my journey as a tool for you.
For your wellbeing.
Come back to your balance.

about massage, body consciousness and body working

During a massage muscle tensions will be released which will enhance the circulation und gently stimulate the metabolism. Mental stress will be reduced. Relaxation and quiet will settle in. In this way we can get in touch with ourselves. We can again sense the natural oneness of body, mind and spirit. We are immediately rewarded with a feeling of wellness. In short: Massage supports mental and physical well being.

If the feeling of falling can be accepted, and a trust in being caught developed, the soul can go on a unique journey of discovering itself. Our energy realigns with our emotional health and our inner balance presents itself as being stronger and more durable. Our disposition improves and our joy for life increases.

In this way, we can learn, bit by bit, a more conscientious and responsible way to deal with our inner-selves. Pulling and stretching, in combination with deep tissue massage techniques and active breathing exercises, help to release deeply rooted tensions. Chronic pain can be eliminated and an increase in the freedom of movement is achieved.

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access to innate® by Dr. Douglas Diehl D. C.

Access to Innate means the access to inner wisdom, through which we gain access to our powers of self healing.
Access to Innate operates on the premise that every individual’s body harbors universal wisdom.
This universal wisdom is not often accessible without some effort. Access to Innate frees up the physical, emotional, and energy blockades on a holistic level, which helps us to again have access to our universal wisdom which helps to activate our powers of self healing.
Access to Innate clears up our nervous system by touching and stimulating specific areas of the body. It is thereby possible to break through existing stress mechanisms and patterns in order to disable them. We are then able to allow our consciousness to reconnect our body, our mind and our soul. We return to ourselves and have the opportunity to design our behavior in a manner which is more supportive for our own healthiness.
Throughout our lives we experience situations where we need to protect and defend ourselves. Our reactions to such situations may have been quite appropriate in the past, but with respect to our current accumulated experiences, they can sometimes be outdated, unnecessary and sometimes even a hindrance.
These systems and mechanisms operate mostly on an unconscious level and we are usually incapable of influencing them. We end up reacting strongly to new situations while still using old patterns. We are unable to approach new experiences with joy and freedom.
We are going in circles, staying on the same spot, and feeling exhausted, tired and weak. These feelings are usually accompanied by physical symptoms.
Access to Innate clears out these old systems and brings our memory into the here and now. We no longer react with the old, outdated and inappropriate patterns. We arrive at a position where we are able to use our inner potential to engage in life using a self activated, free and nonjudgmental approach.

Access to Innate is a gentle method without contraindications.

back 2 balance

If we are out of balance our body tells us in different ways. We feel pain, stiffness, headaches, heartaches, low energy, dizziness, restless legs, sleeplessness, depression, sore muscles and more... We feel uncomfortable, over stressed and burnt out.
When something goes wrong - we are out of balance. What can we do?

Back 2 balance is a process-oriented remedy... a deep careful touch, that can help you find the way back to yourself, it can bring you back to complete balance, calm you, give you more energy and connect you to your feelings and a more joyful life.

Every treatment will be a unique session matched to your current need.
Together we will discuss your individual needs and develop together a treatment plan that is best for you.
The duration of a session is unforeseeable.
Apart from a basic framework which is made up of clearing, massage and counseling, i will be attentive to changes and adjust intuitively the way of the session.
I take the time for you.
After a session please take time for yourself, and do not rush to the next appointment.

Enjoy your-self.

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