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The life of a human is the life of his body
Alexander Lowen

... in addition every human is different and every body has their own life.

In our modern times we have to do more than ever to take care of our health. Many things that affect our lives come from the society we live in, some positive, some negative. There is a big media influence that tells us what to do, what to buy, what is good and what is bad. Mostly, we believe what we hear and do what advertising tells us to do. A lot of times we don't check if the advice is right for us and our own unique situation.
So these days more and more people "burn out" which means that their life energy diminishing.

Depression is one of the most common things related to the "burn out" syndrome. Also, neurodermatitis, restless legs, sinus problems, headaches, stiffness ... an endless list. Most of the time we feel the signs but we don't take the time for “us” because we have a fear that we miss or lose out on something.
We have our dreams and our wishes and we are impatient, we want everything now. And so the more we push oursleves to fulfill our goals and responsibilites the more that leads to extra stress - and that drains our battery.

We all want to live long and prosper.
We have to realize that we bear the responsibility for our health.
We have to take care of ourselves and give ourselves time to rest from our stressful life.
First of all – we have to be ourself!

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